Strapless Dildo Vs. Strap-On Harness

For those who are interesting in using a strap-on harness for pegging or some lesbian fucking, we have here a bit of comparison based on our very scientific research, involving pairing up hot girls and letting them go at each other with a strapless dildo, and filming it for you all to watch on the internet. Many out there haven’t heard of a strapless dildo before, and when they do see our videos, they want one themselves! It’s a great toy and here is why.

No Buckles, or Complex Straps

Some strap on harnesses have a complex system of buckles and straps to figure out that can take ages to tie or configure. When you are in the mood for a strap-on experience, you probably just want to get right down to the sex, not read some directions for a harness! With the strapless dildo, you can simply just insert the bulbous end into your pussy and there you have it. A sexy looking cock that almost looks natural!


Even the person doing the fucking while wearing the strapless dildo can feel some pleasure. With traditional strapons, the fucker usually has to forgo their physical desires until after the fucking is complete, unless they are that rare kind of girl who can truly get off from pounding their lover with a fake dick and experiencing no penetration themselves.

It’s Always Compatible

Did you ever want to have strap on sex, and go through all the motions of foreplay, only to discover, after you’ve got your harness strapped on that you don’t have a dildo that is compatible with that particular strap-on apparatus? Since a strapless dildo is just one toy…it’s always compatible, as long as you’ve got an orifice for each end!

Variable Positions

As you will see from some of our expert strapless dildo testers, (Ie, sexy lesbian porn stars), the Feeldoe is not just limited to the normal forward facing cock position. You can also turn it around for some truly creative fucking positions that are not even possible with a biological cock.

It Looks Sexy

Check these videos Let’s face it, seeing a girl with a strapless dildo coming out of her cunt that looks like a real cock, hanging pretty naturally, is very, very sexy. That’s not to say traditional harness strap ons are not sexy, but we just think this look Check these videos is amazing and gives us the sexual shivers. We especially love the way it looks when the strapless cock is poking out of a pair of sleek pantyhose.

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Since we started making all our videos with a quality equivalent to the photographs, making photos on the same camera makes no sense.  It’s impractical because you’ll see the same things in the videos with almost the same quality details and light.  For the previous videos, I just cut photos directly from the video.  However, it’s useless work because you’ll find the same images in Caps section.

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